Since establishing The Wellbeing Studio in 2006, Joanne’s natural abilities as a connector and entrepreneur have led her to set up two complementary businesses.

The Athena Network West London

Joanne joined Athena in 2007 to promote her work as a coach, therapist and teacher in yoga, meditation, Reiki and flower essences. She stayed because she found so much more than she bargained for. Each meeting, Joanne found herself inspired to be a better business woman, uplifted by the company of other women seeking to improve their lot in life, delighting in the success stories, commiserating and helping with the difficulties.

Over the years that followed, Joanne has built lasting relationships, been amazed at the amount of business passed within and between Athena groups, and contributed to the growth of the network by being a ‘raving fan’! In 2010, she took over as Regional Director of the West London region, covering Ealing, Acton, Chiswick, Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush, Barnes and Mortlake and now runs four business networking groups for women in these areas.

One of Joanne’s talents is helping people realise and live up to their full potential, and as Athena RD she brings her total commitment to helping the business community to grow in West London through the natural networking strengths that most women have. Her favourite ‘networking success’ story is finding a NASA scientist who played a musical instrument to be part of a worldwide music charity event. By asking her network, and in just one connection, she had found a handsome guitar-playing young scientist who was up for helping out a charity that offers some of the poorest children in the developing world the opportunity to learn musical skills (

To find out more about Athena or visit one of Joanne’s groups, please visit the Athena West London website.


Not long after Joanne had taken over as Regional Director for The Athena Network West London she was introduced to Arbonne – a brand of pure, safe and beneficial products and a fair and ethical business opportunity supported by a passionate community of fellow consultants.

Joanne’s journey with Arbonne started with transforming her skin through Arbonne products. She now has an expanding global team of independent consultants, focused on helping as many people as possible transform their health, wealth or wisdom through this amazing company.

Arbonne products are vegan, gluten-free, and combine the best of science with inspiration and ingredients from nature. They are formulated without:

animal products or by-products | parabens | formaldehyde donating preservatives | phthalates | formaldehyde | alkylphenols | benzene | triethanolamine | monoethanolamine | phosphates | polyethylene glycol | petrolatum | bisphenol-A | gluten | synthetic dyes | triclosan | hydroquinone | artificial colours | artificial sweeteners | artificial flavours | trans fats | mineral oil

Originally an ethics adviser for scientific researchers and funders in and beyond the UK, and now the owner of a successful wellbeing studio, and an entrepreneurs’ network for women in West London, Joanne’s work life has always been varied and fulfilling. Yet it is through Arbonne that Joanne sees her long term legacy being created. She has already been able to subsidise students to attend wellbeing retreats and take up coaching through her Arbonne business, and is so excited to see this part of her work grow.

What could Arbonne mean for you?

Most people grow their global businesses alongside their existing career and family commitments, and our aim is simple: build the life you dream of by recommending products you believe in. And have fun doing it.

To find out more please visit Joanne’s Arbonne website.

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