Joanne SumnerJoanne Sumner is a trained therapist, practitioner, coach and trainer in Yoga, Reiki, Meditation and Flower Essences.

Joanne specialises in helping busy women rediscover their purpose, passion and peace. Her classes, workshops, and trainings are rooted in a practical philosophy that celebrates the strength of the human spirit, seeks simple solutions to life’s demands, and encourages and inspires those whom she teaches to go for their true heart’s desire. Joanne is most often described as serene, combining intellectual clarity with a sense of joy and fun that ensures that laughter is never far away. Indeed, in her meditation classes, if people aren’t laughing she thinks there’s something wrong!

In addition, Joanne trains practitioners who are setting up in practice or practitioners who are looking for personal development and inspiration from a qualified and experienced trainer.

To discuss changes in your life, contact Joanne today.

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